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Holiday Lights


  • How do I get started?
    Call us at (732) 201-0088 or Fill out our Estimate Form We’ll schedule a free consultation & estimate, with no obligation, to discuss your holiday light project. We’ll give you a fixed price quote and get started decorating when you approve.
  • What does it cost?
    The easy answer is, “it depends.” Seriously, all buildings and holiday lighting designs are different so the prices vary. We will come to your home, discuss design ideas and make a recommendation to fit your budget! Minimum budget: $1,500
  • Will you hang my Christmas lights from last year, or hang holiday lights I purchase at discount stores?
    No. Our projects depend on top quality products which are well cared for since we take responsibility for the equipment. We install only what we sell to ensure that your holiday lighting installation is the best it can be. We understand that some people would prefer to take responsibility themselves for the equipment and for this person we may not be the right solution.
  • Service
    If anything goes wrong, from a burned bulb to a malfunctioning timer, we’ll take care of it quickly, cheerfully, and at no extra cost. (Unless you caused the failure, like allowing your dog to eat Santa.)
  • Take down
    We carefully remove everything so you don’t have to!
  • Storage
    We store all your holiday lighting, wiring, and decorations all year so you can still park your car in your garage!
  • Do you create custom holiday lighting displays or only standard displays like everyone else?
    Both! Full Circle Holiday Lighting is skilled at the different approaches required for Professional Holiday Lighting installation for both Residential Holiday Lighting and for Commercial Holiday Lighting.
  • Where do you install Residential Christmas Lights and Commercial Christmas Lights?
    We cover most of Monmouth County! See our specific areas of service here
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